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10 Best UI/UX Design Tips and Tricks in 10 Minutes

by Krowd Digital

Want people to get desperate about your Website UI/UX design, then look for these trendy and Tracy ways. We all are curated with an old saying, “Jack is a dull boy, so no one love him”. Likewise, No one wants a dull page to be viewed. To hold the premium concurrency to the content part and to engage with your audience, you need to develop a database that sound pretty exciting and oxidating, making one high about it.

So, in-lining to all the productions and reductions placed up here, infatuation towards the content is something that grosses up the bars of madness and raises the potential of your company thereby generating more business leads and ordering in more revenue in a queue for you. Krowd is with no-doubt big name in the UI/UX Design and Development Services, that can work for you to bring in more positive and practical results.

So, to hype up the concept of UX design (One of the services provided by Krowd), in this article we will be giving you an idea on “How to make your web-page or mobile application look more attractive in 10 min?”.

Krowd UI?UX

So, what best defines a UI/UX Design, A best and optimized design is one which can show you the exact amount of information, jelled up in crisp and crappy way without adding much layers of context on it. You should try to jell up your design, with the market trends and constantly follow up on it. Because, nothing boasts in the industry for long. User want things to change with time positively and effectively.

Below, we are sharing some credible tips and tricks that can help you advance up the current level of your application which Krowd follows for its customers

Designing an overview of an application before actually creating it

A great UX means the user can exactly find what he is looking for. The restrictions to work on mobile phones are more compared to other devices, based on their small visual spaces, low bandwidth, etc. Mobiles are ruling the market with the amount of their sales. The site design should be fast without any buffering and user friendly. Such a site would thus be more preferred by the customer. At Krowd the e commerce system ensure that you get the best suggestions to use for your own benefits.

Optimizing the mobile view

The number of mobile users is increasing daily, with some having even more than one phone at present. The mobile site design should be optimized to adapt on any screen or all devices. The same URL is used all over different devices. The user doesn’t need to redirect them thus decreasing loading time and providing a better experience.

Consistent UI/UX Design pattern

Usability and consistency go hand in hand, meaning same patterns, wordings and visuals to go in hand with on different devices. The desktops and mobile sites shouldn’t be treated as different products but the same, to avoid inconsistency. Testing the mobile version of your site by using certain tools to detect how your site works on different devices.

SEO Friendly UI/UX Design

Developing a model, that is SEO Friendly is a boon to you. You should learn to work in a way that can help you in developing something that can make you rank up higher on the google and help you get more audience thereby increasing your chances to interact with them bringing in more positive results to the company.

Creating flexible design layouts

Depending on the density, the devices vary too. The mobile resolutions, screen size, screen density affect the flexible UI/UX design layouts created. Users that are de-synchronizing your application could view it from different perspectives so we should pre-check our design model in a way that works fine for each and everyone out in the market.

Determine the website core

Core is the main pillar or index of the website. It should thus be created in the best way as it lays down the foundation for your page. Krowd ensures the application of such concepts so that the users can use the device without any difficulty. However, your website can be degraded by some common mistakes made unknowingly. The websites should be made such that the user is able to make his/ her own choices. The visual appeal is important but it should not cause instability of the website.  A proper balance should be maintained.

The large header

It takes over the majority of the screen space and stays glued to the top of the browser page. It should not be jam- packed with content, thus not making the page very compact. These sticky navigation headers can offer us benefits but they should be used carefully. These headers can be made transparent too so that the user can read through them. However, it is compatible only to use on the desktop due to its large size. On mobiles another navigator is used to accommodate the small screen.

Font & Size in UI/UX Design plays an important role

The font used should be comfortable for the user to use. It shouldn’t be too bright or large and should be elegant to read for the user to read. Nowadays such a thin, light font is ruling the market. This should however be checked on various platforms, to ensure the proper usage of it and make sure the user doesn’t have a hard time reading the content.

Scroll hijacking

The user has no control on the page. This can be irritating for the user since he isn’t able to make his own choices.

Carousels for your UI/UX

Most of the users just scroll pass through this without paying much attention to it. The carousels are present just for making the page more decorative, having no use.

The web trends applied should first be checked with the real-World users. Krowd app development company provides innovative ideas for new opportunities and also tests with the real-world users.  Web tech and marketing strategies are always changing so Krowd, keeps their customer ahead of their competition by providing in-depth knowledge about everything owning from start to end and documenting in-compressing techniques that can help you stay ahead of the time-zone in best possible ways. Want to get your site look more better and quicker with UI/UX Designs then checkout our services page or contact us, our agent will respond to you in least amount of time.

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