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Angular 14: Top New Updates And Key Features in 2022

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In June 2022, Angular 14 was released, but what’s new in the latest release? or What are the key components of Angular 14?

The Google-developed framework Angular has released its latest version 14, which features stand-alone components, optional NGmodules, typed reactive forms, and better template diagnostics. Here you'll find information on what's new in Angular 14 and how to install the latest updates and features.

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AngularJS is an open-source framework that allows front-end web applications to be developed and maintained by a group of individuals and companies. AngularJS is one of the most widely used frameworks for creating dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs). Angular 14 features important new features that will make development easier for developers.

Finally, Angular 14 has arrived, following the footsteps of its revolutionary predecessor, Angular 13. Google’s next major update will be a TypeScript-based framework for web applications. Angular 14’s new features allow for a simpler development process and a better user experience. Angular 14 is a significant upgrade to the previous version. It features typed forms and improved template diagnosis.

Angular 14 includes typed reactive forms, standalone components, directives, pipes, and directives. This is Angular 14.

This update has almost eliminated the need for the Ng module. The repetitive code needed to create a new app has also been reduced. An Angular Development Company has access to Angular 14 to build faster, lighter applications.

Now, we will compare Angular13 and Angular14 based on features.

The difference between Angular 13 and Angular 14

Angular 13 was more complicated than other frameworks like React by Typescript and Angular developers.  Angular 13 made it easier to add titles by adding Route. Title to your router. This is not required for adding a title on your page in Angular 13, as all imports are automatically titled.

One of the most significant changes in Angular 14 was that you didn’t need to import NgModules directly into your app. This will make Angular apps run faster and take up less memory. Angular 14 also includes a new API to create services. This makes it easier for injectable services to be created.

Overall, Angular 13 was a great product, but Angular 14 looks even better. Angular 14 is sure to be a hit among Angular developers worldwide.

The most frequently asked question about Angular 14 is: What are the new updates?

Angular 14 New Features and Updates [2022]

Here are the top new updates and features of Angular 14

This article will discuss Angular 14’s most important key features and recent updates.

1. Standalone Components:

The new release of Angular includes standalone components that simplify the development and testing process by eliminating the need to use modules. With angular 14, standalone components can now be downloaded for the developer’s preview. Once published, they will be available in your apps during the research and development phases.

An API could become unstable or change suddenly without warning. This could lead to project failure. To prevent this, the framework constantly builds out schematics (such ng new). -Standalone) to record cases and offer a learning path for updated, simplified models.

Before Angular 14, each component had to be linked to a module. The application would fail if the declaration array of the parent module were not associated with a specific component.

2. Strictly Typed Forms:

New Angular version 1.0 has solved the Github issue. It now includes a type check for reactive forms packages. Modern Angular integration with existing forms.

One of the best aspects of Angular 14 is its focus on smooth transitions to previous versions. Angular has auto migration and FormControl. These allow you to accept generic input and call a specific value. To ensure that changes are made efficiently and accurately, the API’s complexity is constantly tracked. Template-based forms will not be affected by the latest Angular 14 update.

3. Angular CLI Auto-Completion:

The best thing about the Angular CLI auto-completion program is its ability to help you increase productivity. It provides you with all the commands you need to create modules, directives and components for your project. Angular 14 offers many options.

Angular 14 includes the latest features of the CLI. This allows real-time auto-completion in the terminal. First, execute the ng completion command. Next, type ng and hit Tab to view all options. Enter should select one of the options.

Users of Angular 14 can benefit from more auto-completion options by using the ng create command options.

4. Extended Developer Diagnostics:

Extended diagnostics provides a framework to understand your templates and help you improve them. The diagnostics feature will provide you with compile-time warnings and actions that you can take to catch errors before they happen.

Basic mistakes can lead to warning signs, such as using two-way binding syntax or prohibiting operators on nullable variables. The diagnostic tests have also been limited due to the development of a private compiler that displays warning indicators and user templates.

5. Streamlined Page Title Accessibility:

During application development, the page title describes the content of the page. To allow the addition of titles, Angular 13 added a Route. Title property to the Angular router. You don’t have to import additional items to add a title to your page in Angular 14.

6. Latest Primitives in the Angular CDK:

The Angular Component Development Kit (CDK) contains a comprehensive set of tools to help you develop Angular components. Angular 14 now includes updated CDK dialogues and menus. The new CDK primitives make it easier to create custom components.

7. Angular DevTools is Now Available

It is easy to use the offline mode of Angular DevTools’ debugging extension. Mozilla’s Add-ons for Firefox allow you to access this add-on.

8. Built-in Enhancements:

Angular14’s best feature is its ability to allow the CLI to deploy very little code without sacrificing functionality. You can use the built-in enhancements to link directly from your templates to protected component members. Using the public API surface, you will have greater control over the reusable components.

9. Tree-shakable Error Messages:

Angular 14 makes it easier to identify and fix errors using robust error codes. The error codes can optimize tree-shaking (long strings in production bundles).

An Angular developer should consult the Angular Reference Manual when debugging real-world issues. Angular developers are working to improve the existing issues and incorporate this style in future versions.

10. Coalesce on Non-nullable Values:

Excessive diagnostics could also lead to errors in gratuitous nullish coescing operators In Angular templates. This is when the input doesn’t include null or undefined in its type. It is known as “nullable”.

Extended diagnostics will alert you during processes such as ng build or ng serves. You can adjust settings to suppress, notice or alter the frequency of warnings in Tsconfig.json.

What is the best way to upgrade to Angular 14?

How do you install Angular 14

You must install the latest version of Angular via npm using the following flag. Next, create a new command line interface and execute the following command to upgrade Angular.

npm install-global @angular/cli@next

The following command will install Angular CLI on your development computer.

Angular 13-14 upgrade: How do you do that?

Use this link to upgrade from Angular 13 to 14: https://update.angular.io/. You can also hire Angular developers to assist with this process.


Angular 14 has many new features and enhancements. It is the most anticipated version yet. Angular 14 makes it easier to debug and develop Angular apps.

However, if you need assistance installing or implementing Angular 14 in your project, you can always contact our Angular experts. We are a professional Angular development company that focuses on analyzing your requirements and helping you build a feature-rich application.

Get started with Angular 14 today!

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