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Become a Full Stack Salesforce Developer- A career that isn’t just about code!

by Krowd Digital

Do you know who is a Salesforce developer? Are you aware that full-stack Salesforce developer is not just a career about code, but more than that? Continue reading to find out more!

Today Salesforce has revolutionized the customer relationship management business by leaps and bounds since its launch. Salesforce provides a whole complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service and marketing automation.

Due to the diversity of operations, the pay is lucrative, but what attracts most people to the ecosystem of the sales force is a ‘no code’ career profile.

In the blog, we have tried to shed some light on the full stack developer profile of Salesforce and also, we have stated how you could master the no code arena. To guide you better, we have talked about becoming a full stack developer and how it differentiates from the rest. Krowd has helped many companies in selecting the best salesforce developer for themselves. Many companies trust krowd and rely on crowd completely for choosing the best developer for them.

Who is The full stack developer?

Full Stack Development: Why It's Right for Your Company

If a developer could handle several tasks such as database systems, engineering front end, back end development, and others, he would come under full-stack development. Full-stack developers are more often engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors because they have good horizontal knowledge of the technology. Also, most full-stack developers are not experts in one

skill. They are the jack of all trades.

Salesforce Developer Job Description

The Salesforce developers use their programming skills to write the code that ensures the reliability and efficiency of the Salesforce system and servers. These developers design the visual user interface of the integrated platform so that they can promote ease of scalability and use.

There are three technologies which Salesforce developers use. These are a proprietary programming language -Apex, visual force- a markup language and lightning component framework – a UI framework.

Full stack Salesforce developers use these technologies to design CRM applications and integrate other systems.

Now Let us Understand How Salesforce’s Full-stack Development is Different?

All the functions like frontend and backend, database system and engineering, all these functions mentioned require a lot of coding and manual work.

This is the point where Salesforce differentiates itself from the others. You will have to sail through the trailhead platform of Salesforce to understand what no code means. It introduces a learner to declarative development that supports you in minimizing the use of code.

Many people might have used such drop and drag tools in the form of Lego Mindstorm in high school or even with Microsoft’s Visual Studio designer tools to do development in their professional careers.

These still don’t offer the full functionalities that a developer expects. That is why they are often needed to rewrite the code anyway to bypass the limitations these tools provide.

Salesforce no-code development tools win significantly because they allow the developer to modify the data and help create pages and primary forms, and even set up validation rules.

The most exciting thing to know here is that a person who doesn’t know how to code or ever have tried it could also develop entire apps in Salesforce just by using pre-built components, including points and tools.

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Top Reasons to Become a Salesforce Developer in 2022

There are several reasons why working as a  Full stack Salesforce developer is considered a fantastic idea, and below are some of the top picks we have shared with you.

  • Salesforce developer is one of the most lucrative creative career paths. It also helps to earn a high salary because there is a high demand for cloud professionals in the job market.
  • By working in the sales force, you directly contribute to economic development by developing enterprise software solutions. You are also facilitating business and increasing economic activity in your country.
  • A Salesforce development career also exposes you to cutting edge technology. The salesforce system is constantly updated, and the technologies used to maintain it are constantly evolving.
  • You also get to work with an engaging platform by working in the salesforce department. The salesforce system is highly interactive, and it optimizes the user interface to boost users’ experience, which can be fun and challenging work.

Salesforce Developer Job Requirements

If you are a Full stack Salesforce developer, it demands expertise in the following areas:

  • You should know cloud-based technologies. A software developer is familiar with other cloud-based platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services( AWS), and Microsoft Cloud while working as a Salesforce developer.
  • A Salesforce developer can collaborate with other operations teams. Suppose you want to satisfy your customer’s needs. In that case, you need to be a team player working with all the fellow developers on other teams to define business objectives and not only this but also implement strategies.
  • A Salesforce developer also has proficiency in computer programming. If you want to work with salesforce programming languages, you should be skilled in using popular object-oriented programming languages like HTML, JavaScript and Java.
  • You should also know business processes. There should be a broad understanding of some of the critical aspects of business management, enabling you to anticipate customer needs and design better user interfaces.

Types of Salesforce Developer Careers

There are various types of career pathways which are available to Salesforce professionals. Apart from being a Salesforce developer, one can choose any of the other careers listed below.

  • Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrators train users in the fundamentals of file reports and Salesforce. One of the most critical tasks is to automate complicated business processes.

  • Salesforce Architect

Salesforce Architect professionals manage and review different design features in Salesforce applications. Not only this, they design Salesforce systems and ensure features work seamlessly when scaling. They also maintain Salesforce cloud systems and specific servers.

  • Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce consultants work with the clients to ensure that their needs are being met. No ot this, the Salesforce constant also advises the operations teams on improving client experience and fixing bugs.

How to Become a Best Salesforce Developer in 2022

There are several ways to reach the ultimate destination of becoming the best Salesforce developer in your town. Some of how you can become one are listed below.

  • Try to take advantage of the trailhead

The first important thing is that you should remember that the Salesforce premier repository trailhead provides all the necessary resources for becoming a no-code or low code developer in optimum time. Try to take advantage of the trailhead facility.

  • Take time to understand the platform

The ‘metadata-driven development’ model seems like an alien concept. It would be best to remember that when you begin exploring and learning about the same, it’s like a cakewalk. When you spend time learning about the platform of Salesforce, it gives you an edge over the others. It would be best if you also tried understanding the use cases for flow, process builder, workflow rules, etc.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article on Salesforce was helpful for you. We have given structured information on the Salesforce ecosystem, which will help you to increase your understanding of Salesforce.

Krowd has one of the best workforce and can assist you in selecting the best Full Stack Salesforce developers for your company. Many companies have gained vast amounts of profits by relying on crowds. Choosing krowd will be one such decision which you will never regret.

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