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7 Most Popular Shopify Development Services You Must Know Today

by Krowd Digital

Shopify is a well-known eCommerce software providing people all around the globe a platform to start their online business, acquiring customers and generating revenue was never so easy. Shopify provides easy design templates and tools to construct an effective shopping website. However several extra tasks are required to build an online store that stands out in the crowd and is high performing, superfast and efficient. For a non-shopify expert setting up several tasks such as payment gateways, database migration, and backend development can be tedious, that’s why you need to know and acknowledge Shopify Development Services.

Shopify development services have created numerous business opportunities worldwide and is highly popular and in demand, thus it is promoted as a leading eCommerce platform by numerous organizations.

Let us take a glance at the different Shopify development services, being offered by expert Shopify developers.

Listed Below are 7 Different Types of Shopify Development Services

1-Shopify Web  Development & Customization

One of the main reasons you might need to consider a Shopify development service is to make changes in the backend code of your website, in order to provide an incomparable exclusive shopping experience to your customers. For a customized website, you need to make changes to the website’s header, footer, navigation, menu, blog pages, animations, features, etc. All these changes require precise technical knowledge of the backend codes for a successful long-term online store.

For more visibility of your online store, you might want to design landing pages, and homepages from scratch, customize them according to your brand, and optimize the page content for higher conversion rates, such operations require backend knowledge and coding abilities and we understand not all retailers come with a technical background, thus you might consider hiring an expert Shopify web developer who would assist you in above processes with store installations and configurations as well to make it an easy and time-efficient process.

Hire Shopify Experts, Developers

2-Shopify Theme Development & Customization

Themes are an essential component to convey your brand’s story, your vision, thought processes behind your store, and your brand’s identity to your audience. In addition to the basic layout of your website, themes are a foundation of your online business. They should be consistent throughout the design of the website and enhance the usability.

Themes make a website attractive and approachable, it drives in more customers, therefore, you need to make sure your Shopify store is easy to navigate with a rich user interface to enhance the shopping experience. There are many free and paid pre-designed Shopify themes available in the market but if you want to stand out of the ordinary and deliver an exceptional presence you might consider Shopify theme development for a more customized, user-friendly online store.

3-Shopify Third-Party Integration

Integrating third-party services to your Shopify websites can be a complex process. One can integrate numerous third-party applications to your website such as social media integration, payment gateways, CRM platforms, etc. for scaling up and enhancing its performance to attract more customers and genuine leads.

These services and features are high-tech and require technical capabilities, time, and effort thus you will need additional support from experts to integrate all required third-party apps to make your online store a professional one which in turn will surely increase sales and revenue.

4-Shopify Migration Services

Shopify is gaining popularity in the online eCommerce business and many online store owners who have not started their journey with Shopify, now wish to move to Shopify platform.

If you have also begun with another eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, etc. do not worry, because Shopify provides an opportunity to move your existing store to the Shopify platform. You can use the services of a Shopify expert who will migrate your online store quickly and efficiently from any other platform to Shopify without any data redundancy and intrusion with your present performance.

An expert will ensure smooth and seamless migration without losing your PageRank.

5-Shopify Store Upgrade & Maintenance

An eCommerce store requires constant updates and maintenance. You will definitely need backend support from an expert to resolve real-time issues, and fix bugs to ensure that your store runs smoothly because your sales, customers everything comes at stack if your website faces a problem.

Every day a new feature pops out in the market, so you need your website to be updated to stand against your competition. Therefore for a long-term and sustainable online store, you must hire a team of experts to regularly maintain, and optimize your store and keep it updated with the current demands and trends.

Some of the maintenance services you must look out for while hiring a team are backend maintenance, regular updates, security audits, bug and error fixing, data optimization, etc. for smooth and exceptional performance.

6-Shopify App Development & Customization

Nowadays everyone prefers the convenience that technology offers, people prefer shopping online through their mobile phones that’s why now every store owner wants an app of their own with all the required features and recent trends but Shopify’s default services are limited and in such a situation, you can always hire an expert to develop an application that is best suited for your online store with all the features and functionalities being offered by the website.

An app will help you scale your business and experts will help you customize them to enhance your performance. An app with dynamic UI/UX tends to attract more customers and builds more trust as now you are just a tap away from your customers.

7-Shopify SEO Services & Strategy

SEO strategy can change your game in the market, it not just improves your performance it also brings organic traffic to your online store and increases your conversion rates by optimizing your website and its content.

You must opt for professional, expert Shopify SEO services to stay ahead of your competitors. SEO services consist of optimized site content, metadata, setting up XML sitemaps, backlinks, setting up google analytics, keyword research, content audits, optimizing page titles, etc. to help you reach your genuine target audience with ease and convenience of data and technology.


Online Stores and eCommerce platform is thriving today and Shopify is the future of eCommerce platforms that’s why it is rated as one of the best platforms to launch your online store. It is simple, unique, and exceptional in terms of its services and increased customer demands. With numerous opportunities comes competition and in order to stay ahead and win fiercely, you need to invest in your online store. Guided assistance and proficient technical knowledge will help you build your business for the future in a shorter span of time. An investment of time and money now will surely bring huge profits and revenue subsequently.

As a leading Shopify eCommerce development company in Melbourne, Australia, we can help you create a scalable, feature-packed, and responsive online store that stands out from the crowd. Hire our Shopify experts for the best results from this popular eCommerce platform.

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