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Salesforce CRM Features and Benefits [Guide 2022]

by Krowd Digital

Salesforce serves as an integrated CRM platform that provides a shared and single view across all the departments, including commerce, service, marketing and sales. This can help you develop and empower your sales team with integrated forecasting tools and the ability to price and configure every deal. Salesforce provides a comprehensive cloud platform that helps the customer with management solutions. It decides the right tool for every growth phase of the company.

Sales Cloud is an all in one sales tool that helps develop CRM software. It is flexible enough to accommodate businesses of any industry or size, and also it is scalable for anything you might need from it. Krowd is one such company that helps businesses use the right features of Salesforce and boost revenue. Salesforce allows users to access data on the go with the help of the mobile app. It can also help maximize sales with app exchange integration that helps boost business growth.

What Does Salesforce Do?

Salesforce creates CRM software and supports it that helps break down the technology between departments to give the companies a holistic view of their customers. This platform enables a deeper understanding of prospects or the customers interacting with the company. The Salesforce also helps educational institutes, government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses to deliver exceptional experiences for those they serve. This may extend across various industries from retail, consumer goods, and financial services to the public sector, manufacturing, hospitals, and endless.

It also enables the employees to share a single view of customers from any device worldwide. Salesforce CRM is leveraged by enterprises that help make the data more shareable and readable.

How does Salesforce Work?

Customer 360 helps the employees access the information they require to do their best work. It also helps them collaborate and align with their colleagues much more quickly. This is possible only because customer 360 provides apps that Unite every team- Marketing, Sales, IT, Commerce and other Services around a shared view of customer data on an integrated platform. This leads to connected and more personalized experiences for your customers, which enables the customers to build stronger relationships. This is due to the holistic view of each customer that helps reduce the time it takes for companies to resolve all the customer issues.

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Top Salesforce CRM Features and Benefits 

  • Quote Management 

Salesforce customer relationship management allows us to simplify the business and sales processes with a productivity and forecasting track. Quote management of the products can be simplified by tracking the product. This includes various metrics like product code, quantity, standard price and quoted price. You can also establish a revenue schedule and quantity, which helps and reflects in the items’ payment and delivery. The Salesforce customer relationship app houses a built-in quoting that can automatically quote the client’s date. It can also be used to create PDFs of the approved template and send them as an email directly to the consumer. The Salesforce mobile app also provides real-time updates to help them stay on top of any news regarding any deals.

  • Contact management

Salesforce customer relationship ensures hassle-free contact management. This is done by providing access to critical customer data and interaction history. It also provides a complete customer picture that includes enhancement, engagement, strategies, and insights. Any company can leverage the customers’ social data for a default standing of the particular behavior regarding any product or service. This also helps boost the business growth and help the company reach their desired target. Cloud-based customer contact management allows us to collaborate in the organization quickly. Some essential documents and insights can also be shared to create a knowledge-sharing platform. Salesforce allows the business to trace the movement of the deals by accessing all the contact data.

  • Partner and channel management

The Salesforce customer relationship also allows for quickly creating an ecosystem of the partners. It plays an essential role in indirect channels where you can manage the partners’ recruitment, onboarding, and training. You can easily collaborate with your partners to make result-oriented and effective marketing campaigns on the cloud. The users also don’t need code to extend the marketing cloud of Salesforce. As a platform, it helps to simplify product sales for the partners. It also allows you to tell the information access and at the same time connect for the best partner ties. You can quickly run multiple programs to evaluate the performance of your partners on salesforce CRM. A more attractive destination for the partners can also be created very quickly by the salesforce content management system CMS. When you deliver powerful insights to the partners and connect to the correct data at the right time, it can help your understanding of the business can improve. Salesforce CRM also allows sharing reports and dashboards with the partners on such devices, which helps the partners track vital metrics and discover cross-sell and upsell opportunities from any device.

  • Lead Management 

The Lead Management of Salesforce customer relationship management is featured with an affluent activity timeline. It helps to give access to the up to date contact on the timeline with the industry best practices. Along with this, it also uses the sales path to understand the relevant documents. Functioning as a fast lead converter, the salesforce customer relationship management app informs you about the source of the leads. Not only this but the automatic email boosting also helps your company to boost its revenue-generating mechanism.

Each day, the inbox is flooded with thousands of emails, and if you do not have a CRM tool, it becomes an annoying job to keep track of the same. CRM tools come to your rescue under such circumstances and score your leads automatically. It also assigns the hottest lead first-hand to the right executive. This helps ensure that you never fall off track and grow more revenue.

  • Comprehensive Sales Forecasting 

Salesforce customer relationship management is an ideal tool to view the pipeline and how your business is doing in the market. It helps to take a complete picture of this and the journey of the leads in the pipeline. This is done to check whether they are reaching their destination, that is, the deals or not. When this is analyzed, it gives brilliant forecasting of sales. Your company can adequately judge the forecasted amount, and you can plan your strategies accordingly.

This forecasting report also allows knowing the top performance on a real-time leaderboard of your company. Salesforce customers relationship management streamlines complex sales processes by giving assurance of the proper overlay process. It gives the proper credit to the right person or also helps to enable to view of the forecast as per overlays.

  • Mobility

The salesforce mobile app allows the user to access CRM data anytime and from anywhere across the world. The users can access events, account updates, and meetings with their fingerprints. Conference calls and taking meeting note is very convenient. It also has an offline data update feature which enables the user to work without any internet connection. The users can view all the real-time data and close the deal quickly on the mobile application. They can also collaborate with their team via instant conversations. The files and document sharing have become simple with the app, and it also gives the flexibility to work from anywhere.


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Wrapping Up

When we talk about customer relationships, it is essential in any business. It defines the market reputation, brand positioning and public image. Managing custom relationships becomes easy with CRM like Salesforce. This cloud-based application works beyond customer relationship optimization. Krowd  CRM software development company based in Melbourne,  Australia has helped many businesses achieve their sales target by using the Salesforce feature and can help you. Many companies trust Krowd and consider Krowd their one-stop destination for resolving any issue.


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