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Top 7 Celebrity Look-Alike Mobile Apps You’ll Want to Try

by Krowd Digital

What if you could find your celebrity look alike? Whether you’re obsessed with your celebrity twin or want to know what celebrities you most closely resemble, several apps can help you find your celebrity look-alike or match the features of one celebrity with another. Here are five of the best Celebrity Look Alike Apps to do just that!


Do you ever wonder how to find your celebrity look alike?

Many apps show you what the perfect celebrity match looks like. Some match you with your favorite actor or actress, while others may have an app that shows you who you look like. This list is for you for those who are trying to find the perfect celebrity match for themselves.

In addition, the maker of this app has given it three different ways to find your perfect match. The first is by age range and gender, the second is by looking at photos of celebrities and picking your favorite, and the third is by uploading your own photo. The final result of this quiz shows all available celebrities as close as possible to who you resemble.

Here are the top 7 celebrity look-alike apps

Here are the top 7 celebrity look-alike mobile apps to get you started in finding your perfect match!


You look like - gradient celeb

“Gradient” is one of the most cult applications that mimic the look of celebrities downloaded by millions on mobile devices. A few years ago, a Ukrainian company with the same name developed a novel concept for an application.

When the Gradient app first came out it was a fundamental kind of machine learning that produced celebrity replicas. The app later added additional options to assist users in finding which celebrity I look like, and their development team is constantly improving their product.


  • The doppelganger feature is integrated into the application.
  • Send pictures to your family and your friends.
  • Impressive Hair collages
  • Users are charged every month.
  • Hand-crafted filters and textures to produce amazing results
  • Attractive AI Portraits
  • Calculate your beauty score using the latest AI technology to improve your beauty score

Celebs – Celebrities Look Alike App

Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

Another well-known celebrity look alike mobile app that falls into this group is the Celebs app. This app is built using machine learning and allows users to locate the closest look-alike to their favorite celebrity. The level of accuracy of this application is impressive. The application detects emotions, uses facial recognition methods and assists users find the most enjoyable experience. The software detects that you are similar to others.


  • Finding celebrities whose faces exactly resemble those of the twins
  • Lookalikes to choose from
  • The best resemblance of the famous person is identified.
  • You can check who you look like on Animal.
  • Instagram and Snapchat make it easy to share photos and images.
  • Face Recognition Technology is used primarily
  • Search for the best celebrity by comparing compatibility
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence to estimate beauty scores

Star By Face: Top Celebrity Twin App

Star by Face: celebrity look a

Its name may indicate as much, but it’s an app that generates the same type of picture as your face.

This app uses facial recognition technology to identify your facial features, which you upload with a photo, making it available on the Google Play store.

First, one of the reasons this app is one of the best is that it does not store any images unless shared by other means. Security of data is ultimate in the app.


  • The resolution of the images which are altered
  • It has a huge collection of stars.
  • It is user-friendly, thanks to machine learning.
  • A simple method
  • The option to download for free is available.

Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

It tells you within seconds which celebrity you look like with Y-Star. Once the Y-Star application is downloaded on the device, it snaps a photo. It scans the entire face features, performing the celebrity and providing its users with the best match from the collection of famous celebs. This celebrity look alike finder app aims to identify the best solution to users’ question: ‘What celebrity do I look like?’ There is no concern with gender in the application; rather, it provides an accurate method to match faces to make celebrity twins.


  • Front camera data can be used to create results automatically.
  • Results that are top-quality and precise to celebrity resemblance.
  • Special algorithms for machine learning.
  • To create accurate celebrity look-alike faces Face point recognition is employed.

Celebrity Look Alike – Looky

Celebrity Look Alike - Looky

The Looky is an app that shows what celebrity you look like and is very easy to use. Thus, users need to take selfies directly from the app. Try again if the server searches for matched results and you’re happy with them. The app’s simplicity and popularity are due to its simplicity.


  • In the beginning, it is necessary to shoot a picture directly inside the application or select your photo from the camera on your smartphone.
  • The web server scans and shows match results against famous people;
  • If you’re not glad about the outcome, you can try it again to find your counterpart. Another attempt could be more successful.
  • You can share your results on your preferred social networks.
  • This is due to its ease of use that this app has been able to be one of the most popular apps for celebrities and gained recognition.

Facer – Celebrity You Look Lik

Facer – Celebrity You Look Lik

Facer is one of the best apps to determine the perfect celebrity match you look like. Plus, it will take your photos and make them come to life with various filters, emojis and frames.

The Facer app is extremely sought-after by users and is extremely popular. In terms of offering an array of options and features, no other app are as good as the Facer application. It has a huge database of celebrity pictures, with over 1,000 famous people.

The app lets you save, alter, and share the outcome using various adjustments and filters, such as the “cartoon” option that transforms your face into an animator.


  • The app has three celebrity models who the user can have the most resemblance;
  • A percentage of similarity supports every option that is proposed.
  • The app contains a massive database of photos of famous individuals (actors and politicians, athletes, musicians and bloggers).

Doppel App: Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

doppel - set your pace

Doppel is perfect for anyone who wants to know what celebrities look like or has trouble telling the difference between two celebrities. All you have to accomplish is upload a photo of your face, and it will show you who you resemble most. The app also has filters that allow users to change the skin color, hair color and makeup of the person they are looking at to get an even more accurate resemblance.

Key Features

  • Edit seamlessly face swaps.
  • Upload a picture that will compare to pictures of celebrities and tell you how much of a likeness there is.

Best Celebrity Look-alike Apps Ideas You’ve Gotta Try

Sculpture or Painting Look-Alike App For Kids

A great app for kids is Sculpture or Painting Look-Alike App. The app allows your child to make a work of art that looks like famous paintings such as Michelangelo’s David or Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Your child can choose colors, add shading, and create their masterpiece! They will be proud when they see how closely the painting resembles the original artwork.

Cartoon Look-Alike App For Kids

Cartoon lookalike apps are a great way to entertain and educate kids on the go. The app features popular cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, and Scooby-Doo that kids can dress up in funny outfits or use their faces to create a custom character. Customizable features include hair style, eye color, facial expression, skin tone and clothing styles.

So what if we made a primarily-designed app for kids where they were given a selection of multiple cartoon characters if they clicked their photo? Wouldn’t that be an irresistible offer for kids to share the app with their friends? Children will get a lot of enjoyment from this kind of application, which will give them a refreshing and interesting experience.

Look-Alike App Based On Voice Recognition

For example, if a person takes a photo on his mobile device, he gets the option to talk into the camera, and his photo will then be captioned as if the image belongs to that celebrity. This idea would give users the time to choose which celebrity they want the image to belong to.

Krowd is known for finding innovative new uses for emerging technologies, so we recommend using voice recognition technology for your doppelganger app.

The apps on this list use the camera on your phone, their database and an algorithm built-in machine learning, or AI, to create outcomes.

What about creating an application that allows users to choose the most like-looking celebrity by saying the celebrity’s name?

To do this, you’ll require technology for voice recognition to create such a doppelganger application.


Monetization Strategies with Celebrity Look Alike Apps: The Perfect Match

With celebrity look alike apps now becoming mainstream, there has never been a better time to create your app using the likeness of your favorite celebrity. Your app will be one of the first available on the market, giving you an opportunity to corner the market early on. How can you do this? By analyzing several key elements of the market and developing business strategies based on what you find!

In-App Ads

In-app ads are a great way to increase revenue without being too intrusive to the user experience. There are many different types of in-app ads, including banner ads that can be placed on the side of the screen or full-screen video ads that can be shown after a user has interacted with your app for a certain amount of time. This is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways for you to make money off your app.

In-App Purchases

The app that shows what celebrity you look like is a great way to make money. You can offer in-app purchases where users can purchase celebrity lookalikes and change the settings on their app so they’ll always get matched as the right person. Users could also purchase one-time looks at other celebrities or pay an upfront fee for unlimited access.


The most beneficial way to earn cash through your app is by deciding how much you’ll need to charge the users who download your application.

But, you might need to include the best functions and features into your app to bring value to the customer’s buying.

You could offer your customers many features after they’ve purchased an annual or monthly subscription to your celebrity-look-alike application.

You can, for instance, provide market-leading services like video tutorials, cloud storage, and advanced editing tools for your customers once they’ve purchased your app’s subscription.


Advertising is a different method of earning money through mobile applications. Before using this method, ensure that your app gets daily users. There are two options for more details on making your app more profitable through sponsorship.

  • The revenue total should be divided equally.
  • Monthly fees for sponsorship

Apps such as Subway or Marriot are among the well-known brands that employ ads that promote sponsorship to earn revenue.


What app shows you your Celebrity Likeness?

A celebrity lookalike application analyses your facial expressions and facial features. After analysis, it uses an algorithmic process to identify the most appropriate celebrity to match your facial characteristics.

Upload your photo using your smartphone app, or take a snapshot from the app and allow the celebrity doppelganger feature to make your celebrity look alike.

What Celebrity look-alike generator websites?

Here’s a list of celebrity look alike websites that are available for free.

  • Starbyface
  • Creative Career Now
  • Celebs Like Me
  • Pictures

What is the cost of building a famous app that looks like Starbyface?

The overall cost can be between $30,000 and $80,000 to create a popular similar app like Starbyface. The cost could vary based on various factors, including the app’s features, the team of developers, where the company is located and the complexity of an application, and based on your customers’ needs. If you want to create an app similar to Starbyface, you’re in the right spot. As a top iOS app development company, We offer top solutions and are happy to assist you. Contact us today!

Final Thoughts

Following this blog post, we have the resources you need if you intend to create a celebrity look-alike app. Our team of experienced mobile app developers can construct it exactly as you want it. You need to find somebody who can determine the client’s requirements and give them the right app solution.

But when it comes to developing a business app, getting help from a company with strong mobile app development expertise may be necessary.

Krowd specializes in considering the client’s needs and providing well-designed, informative solutions to suit their app’s needs.

If you are up for getting a celebrity look-alike app created, we can help. Get in contact with us, and we’ll get your question answered.

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