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Top React UI Frameworks & Component Libraries in 2022

by Krowd Digital

Trying to find the best React UI Frameworks & Component Libraries to use in your project?

Because React is so popular, you can find a wide array of frameworks designed to help you create a great-looking interface. In order to help you find the best framework for your needs, we have curated a list of the top options for 2022 and beyond.

React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end web and app development. It is used to build user interfaces, especially for single-page applications.

Surprisingly, all different JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Angular JS, etc. React JS is the one being explored more and more. Because of its certain features, it is gaining more popularity than others. Also, it is one of the top frameworks by front-end web developers, with a statistics score of 40.14%, according to Stack overflow’s 2021 developer survey.

Some features of React.JS over other JavaScript frameworks are –

  • Single Data Binding
  • Easy to build Single Page App
  • Supports Server Side
  • Component-based
  • Uses Virtual DOM
  • Declarative

Before discussing some of the top React UI frameworks & component libraries, let us first understand

What is React Component UI Framework?

As we know, React is a JavaScript Library it helps us develop user interfaces for apps and the web. React includes small reusable bits of code, which are called components. It provides flexibility and optimization to the development process.

Best React UI Frameworks and Component Libraries in 2022

This post will cover the following topics:

Material UI (MUI)

Material UI (MUI) is an outstanding React UI framework. It comes with various pre-built components and templates such as pre-built sliders, drop-down menus, and navigational tools. Moreover, each component is fully customizable and meets required accessibility standards.

Developers don’t need to waste time developing codes to enable these features, and it increases the speed of the overall development process. Also, MUI provides advanced themes, which helps it integrate with Google’s material design system. It allows customizing codes with CSS utilities, enabling developers to control components and styling from a single location.

But we don’t recommend MUI for absolute beginners; a certain level of development experience will help you get the most out of this UI framework.

Ant Design

Ant Design, popularly known as it, is a well-known React UI Framework. It contains high-quality components to build highly interactive user interfaces.

Generally, enterprise apps are designed using Typescript and static types. The package includes graphical solutions and data visualization components, as well as templates, themes, and templates for advanced graphical solutions.

Some popular companies have used it to build websites, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Ant Financial, Baidu, etc.


Grommet offers multiple UI components, layout components, design templates, sticker sheets, and patterns that are not available with other UI Frameworks.

An extensive web design system is provided, with detailed instructions on how to use the components. The interface is very user-friendly due to tools like screen reader tags and keyboard navigation.

It has explicit support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It is extremely beginner-friendly but limits customization as it uses external CSS.

React Redux

It’s an effortless interface which enables developers to test their codes in different environments and compare the results. It has the power of predictability where coders need to set up values they want from their components, and the interface will extract and update them automatically.

React Redux comes with DevTools, which helps identify, log, and generate error reports. It helps in better understanding of details of your applications.

As part of its automatic optimization process, it renders out components only after significant changes have been made to the application. Changing the app’s functionality requires developers to write code across multiple files which is time-consuming.

React Router

React Router is one of the best router UI to use with another interface. Its routing solutions tend to match all applications’ components with their URLs to ensure a seamless experience for your users.

Generally, an application has around four layers of layouts with different hierarchies. React Router automatically changes your layouts along with the URL, which means you need to create fewer routes on your end, alternately speeding up the process and saving time.

It automatically selects the best routes by evaluating different possibilities, ranking them and rendering the most specific route.

Blueprint UI

The UI is complex and primarily designed for desktop applications. It is generally used to build heavy data web interfaces with multiple components and modules.

A library of nearly 30 standard components can be customized with CSS to change their styles. The tool has integrated tools that allow components and apps to be adjusted with minimal coding.

Blueprint consists of detailed documentation for every aspect of its functionality. These documents are in written and visual walk through forms, which makes them easy to accessibility and a user-friendly option.

But we don’t recommend Blueprint for mobile apps as it lacks various mobile UI components which one can easily find on other interfaces such as MUI.

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for front-end web development. It is one of the original React libraries. Thus it contains a large no. of components and provides a pure React experience without any dependencies on the query.

It enables developers to design their projects on the back end and then prototype them on the front end, which makes it an excellent choice for developers working on different aspects of the applications.

React Bootstrap is designed to maximize accessibility as its elements don’t need to be adjusted while designing themes and plugins.


Choosing the right React UI framework is the most crucial step for a developer. A responsive and intuitive interface can help you create apps and websites that delight your users.

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I hope this article helps you in choosing the best framework. Always focus on the features and uses of the library while choosing a framework. You might need hands-on experience with more than one framework to help you make the best choice.

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