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We Are A ERP Software Development Company

Being a leading ERP software development company, We build custom ERP Software Development Solutions that fulfill your unique business requirements with a focus on streamlining workflows.Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a kind of business software that organizations make use of to enable the smooth working of day-to-day activities such as accounting, tendering, project management, hazard management, conformation, and supply chain measures.

ERP systems collectively involve a swarm of business processes and facilitate the flow of data among various organizations. ERP systems eradicate data redundancy and supply the customers with data integrity. In the present global scenario, ERP systems are capable of handling thousands of businesses irrespective of their size and field.

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Consistent cloud ERP leadership

Cloud-based ERP is system software that assists in optimum utilization of resources. These tools are hosted and managed on separate locations in the cloud by the supplier. By putting cloud into service, clients will be able to devote all their time and efforts to their business rather than IT administration. Cloud makes the operationalization extremely easy, fast, and smooth. It contains less risk than other ERP providers and this is why industry analysts and more than 31,500 customers consistently rate Oracle as the industry leader and a proficient and dedicated partner.


Continuous innovation for future growth

We at Krowd, invest in R&D and make sure to update our cloud regularly in 90 days. Cloud is extremely versatile and is capable of adapting to changes swiftly without any loss or risks. A variety of adept and persuasive AI and machine learning assist us in identifying all sorts of anomalies and loops. They are programmed well to predict the possible outcomes to prepare for further processing. Valuable suggestions and recommendations also improve the quality of service.


One cloud for a seamless organization

Cloud helps the clients in viewing a complete picture of their organization as far as finances and operations are concerned. This helps in acquiring competence and knowledge of various aspects. Oracle Cloud’s application suite offers the broadest and most seamless functionality across finance, HR, supply chain, and client experience

What is ERP software?

ERP software solution helps organizations organize their business operations, communicate with each other, and collaborate more effectively. It is an integrated process of organizing and managing the data and information of several companies and clients to increase organizational efficiency and improve resource utilization. It provides logical and fruitful solutions to all business and management problems through a software suite.

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All our staff and employers are skilled and adept in the field of technology. They are fairly knowledgeable and have a great deal of experience. Our professionals have invested a lot of their time to know what it takes to build future-proof mobile applications for start-ups on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. Their experience also prescribes the most impactful approach for custom native and hybrid app development by analyzing your product features.
Our app developers design and code apps forming their bases from the latest development technologies such as:

  • Swift
  • React
  • Native
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter

and many others. We are well-acquainted with the traditional Objective-C and Java languages.

Customer relationship management is a process in which an organization facilitates its interactions with customers, generally using statistics to examine large amounts of information.

It offers support and assistance to employees in need. It helps you in upgrading your existing app for the latest OS updates and new development customizations. We hold expertise in integrating new innovative features based on AI, ML, IoT, AR, Blockchain, Wallet, and more to make your mobile app more feature-rich and engaging. It focuses on the frequent addition of upgraded features and functionalities for a better engagement ratio on your application. Our developers also tend to make your code scalable so that your app is future-ready.

As a company with the experience to develop software for managerial purposes of growing startups and help them have smooth in-boarding and out-boarding with the data. This Software can help you manage the finance and accounting section smoothly and could serve to be a boon to management of your company.

To develop flawless software, our testers mix both hand-operated and mechanized testing approaches. Additionally, our experts can protect your data with this highly secured software.

By certifying your software, we can provide a highly secure source code and a first-class validation service. To ensure the safety of your data from unauthorized sources such as ransomware, backdoors, and hackers, our team ciphers user data, implements authenticated APIs and uses every latest cyber technique.

We at Krowd acknowledge the fact that every user wants their gadget up and efficiently running. Our app maintenance experts integrate your app monitoring using tools that keep track of your app’s performance and boost it if required, thereby doing their best to keep the load balancing of app resources.

Being a startup app development company, we assist you to keep your app’s content up to date. We analyze user behavior, fix new and existing bugs instantly, help you enhance your app’s user experience, and a lot more.

We at Krowd facilitate a faster and smoother purchasing process. We ensure that our clients enjoy the most benefit of product listing creation and cost reduction. We offer extremely affordable advertising and marketing services and provide a bunch of product and price comparison analyses. Flexibility and adaptability of customers are surely ensured.

We provide prominent and better collaborations to all our clients along with higher efficiency rates. There is improved mitigation and cash flow in a business. We tend to do whatever it takes to keep up with the demands of our clients. Shipping optimization and overhead costs are all taken care of and the customer can rely on us for all these aspects.

The order processing software is a real-time saver. It decreases the efforts effort by automating invoices and billing processes based on payment terms. It allows clients to keep a check on their order, delivery information, and payments as well. It improves the cash flow and monitors orders with detailed time reports. It looks out for all the quote processes with consideration of all the discounting policies, charging, and integrated approvals.

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Our Industry-Specific ERP Software Development Solutions


"Enterprise Resource Planning" is the acronym for "Enterprise Resource Planning." Enterprise resource planning is defined as an integrated software system for managing a company's resources. Planning, inventory/materials management, engineering, order processing, production, purchasing, accounting and finance, human resources, and other services are all integrated into ERP systems.

We are delighted to claim that our implementation procedure is currently the fastest in the world. Our on-time implementation ensures that you'll be up and running in just twenty days.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a software delivery paradigm based on subscription licensing and centrally hosted infrastructure. The software vendor or a partner of the software OEM is usually responsible for hosting. "Cloud software" is the most common translation.

For many businesses, the cost of ERP software licenses can be a major source of sticker shock. While there are valid reasons for the cost of ERP licenses or subscriptions, the entire value of what the ERP provides for your business is the most important factor to consider when analyzing expenses. If the benefits that the ERP provides for the business outweigh the expense, the ERP can deliver considerable value regardless of price.

No, you shouldn't. But, like with so many other ERP-related topics, it varies. In general, the most effective ERP projects are carried out in collaboration with a consulting team that possesses a higher depth of expertise and experience in ERP selection, implementation, and management, as well as a track record of success. This is due to several causes. The program has been used in a variety of businesses, according to consultants. While some firms may only adopt a few ERP systems over decades, ERP consultants implement them daily. They are knowledgeable about the program that is being used. And your ERP project is the entire attention of the specialists (although your internal team should have dedicated time as well).